Dallas is a large city in Texas and one of the biggest in the United States. It has lots of fun and attractive museums for all different types of artistic palettes. The types of the Dallas museums vary from the broad to the very topic specific, offering residents and visitors many different types of experiences.

Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas

The Museum of Nature and Science is a popular destination. It has lots of programs for children. It also has many exhibits where anyone who loves animals can see the and broaden their knowledge. There is an IMAX planetarium in this museum where many interesting movies can be enjoyed that show monster, the sky, the universe and types of animals. (http://www.natureandscience.org/)

Dallas Museum of Art

The Dallas Museum of Art is great place for those who love all types of artistic expression and want to see a broad and diverse selection of art. It offers summer art camp and other programs for children. Also, this location has many art exhibits and tours. The tours are given by professionals who are able to bring the art work to life and convey interesting knowledge to guests. (http://www.dm-art.org/)

Texas Discovery Gardens at Fair Park

One of the largest museums in Dallas is the Texas Discovery Gardens at Fair Park. It has 7.5 acres of plants and gardens. It is a great place for those who are into gardening to visit. The plants are kept in an environmentally friendly process that uses a minimal amount of water. (http://dallas.about.com/od/recreation/p/DiscoveryGarden.htm)

Dallas Women’s Museum

Another of the topic specific museums in Dallas is The Women’s Museum. This location is designed to help to empower females to make positive impacts on the world around them. It has 70,00 square feet in size and it is full of exhibits that show how women have contributed to society and made a difference in the world around them. (http://www.thewomensmuseum.org/)

Old Red Museum

Another one of the truly unique Dallas Museums is the Old Red Museum of Dallas County History and Culture. It shows the history of Dallas in detail, showcasing the cultures have helped to make Dallas the city that it it is today. With great exhibits, tour guides, touch screen computers, mini theatres and an educational learning center, the Old Red Museum is a great place for tourists to visit in order to learn more about Dallas and to make their visit a memorable one. (http://www.oldred.org/about.aspx)